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5 Tips for a Brighter, Healthier Smile

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Smiling is not just a means of communicating joy - it is also a great way to relax and inspire confidence in others. Multiple studies over years have linked a bright, healthy smile to increased social acceptance, job placement and other successes. Without the right care, however, your naturally beautiful smile can quickly become a hinderance!

Here are five things you can do to keep your smile bright and healthy:

  • Brush, floss and rinse: Twice a day! There’s a reason the big three come up in nearly every conversation you have with a dentist. Proper oral hygiene at home is the number one way to fight off bacteria and keep your teeth clean and bright. There is a right way to brush and floss, though! Technique is just as important as frequency when it comes to taking care of your teeth.
  • Know what foods to avoid: It stands to reason that what you consume has a direct impact on your teeth. Foods that increase teeth staining, are highly acidic or filled with sugar can all negatively impact the appearance and health of your teeth. Limiting the intake of these foods and rinsing regularly with water after consumption can dramatically reduce these effects.
  • Whiten: Even though it may not be wholly accurate, a white smile is universally associated with health. As you can see in the link above, there are many factors that can cause staining. If you have stained or discolored teeth, there are a variety of at home and in office teeth whitening options you may consider to improve the appearance of your smile.
  • Straighten: Unfortunately for many of us, straight teeth are not a given. From overcrowding and wide spacing to overbites and underbites, there are a variety of conditions that keep a smile from being aesthetically and functionally ideal. A Kelton market research study showed people with aligned teeth make a distinctly better impression on strangers than those without. Beyond appearance, the functional issues behind misaligned teeth can eventually lead to periodontal disease and tooth loss if severe. Straightening your teeth if you suffer from any of these issues can be a vital step in overall oral health.
  • See your dentist!: We end on this note often, and we promise it’s not self serving. Regular visits to your dentist are the only way to guarantee early detection of problems that could affect your gums, teeth and overall smile. Additionally, visits at least twice a year will allow your hygienist to remove the pesky bacteria that you can’t get at with home care alone, keeping your smile at its cleanest and brightest!

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