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4 Things You May Not Know About Dr. Dan Strobel

Strobel Dentistry

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​In the first part of this series, we got to know a little bit more about Dr. Isabella Terrassa. This month, we're asking a few questions of Dr. Dan Strobel to figure out what makes him tick! 🙂

What are you currently most excited by in the world of dentistry?

I am super excited about the current technology that will allow us to integrate 3-dimensional radiology with our CEREC crown imaging system.  One of the major advantages of this technology is that it allows me to help patients who are missing a tooth and choose to have an implant placed.  With it, I can treatment plan precisely how I want the crown to look, superimpose it over the patient's actual bone/tissue and position the implant EXACTLY where I want it to be placed.  After fabricating a guide that sits on the teeth and has a hole pre-drilled into it, I can place an implant with minimal to no risk, in good, solid bone.  Our office is on pace to have this technology and training completed by Early May 2016.

Do you have a favorite hobby?

I have to admit that my hobbies are basically my kid's hobbies!   I thought I should preface that before listing the following -

  • Playing Peter Pan: Flying is simulated by throwing small children 2-3 feet onto basement couches
  • Fantasy Ponyland: This is played by bouncing little ponies up/down and trying to set up realistic scenarios that are immediately shot down by 3 y.o. girls
  • Wrestling with toddlers: Finding that right balance between hugs and tickling without the biting... I always lose.

Honestly, I really enjoy just about all sports (both watching and playing), running and hiking, cooking, and would like to learn more about wood working in the future.

Do you think any of your kids will wind up carrying on the family tradition?

I sure hope so.  Missy, my wife, and I talk about it.  Not sure who it will be yet.  Dentistry was NEVER pushed on me and I don'f feel any inclination to do so for my kids.  Having said that, it is a wonderful profession and has helped make me and my family very happy.

Top 3 places you'd really like to visit:

Greek Islands - Love Greek food.  Grandfather was Greek.  Hear it is beautiful! Hawaii - Never been, can't miss. Bora Bora - Love Chicago, but I love the sun more.

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