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What Can I Expect At My First Dental Visit?

At Strobel Dentistry, we are committed to helping each patient achieve the highest level of dental health that is appropriate for them. We understand that not all patients have the same dental needs or desires, and want to work with you to determine your best path to oral health. With that in mind, we’ll offer you one of these visits below for how you’d like to begin with our practice or return if you've been gone longer than 2 years.

Issue-Focused or Emergency Exam: Maybe you just need your retainer replaced, or you have one tooth that won’t stop hurting and you just want relief from the pain. If you are only interested in addressing a single or urgent issue, our staff can book you a 30-minute exam (usually accompanied by an x-ray) to assess the problem. Our doctors will present your treatment options and go over consequences of non-treatment for that issue only. Should you be hurting, we’ll do whatever we can to alleviate your pain.

Healthy Doctor visit Has it been over two years since your last visit? Do you have some concerns, or are you worried you might need a little work? Spend 70 minutes with our doctors getting yourself established at our office and having your questions answered. There's no hygiene therapy at this visit, but you'll come out of it with a clear game plan on what you need to get your oral health in top-notch condition.

Healthy New Patient Exam and Hygiene Therapy: This 90-minute comprehensive exam is the minimum we need to fully establish you as a patient in our office, or facilitate your return if it's been longer than 2 years. If you are looking to get started with a new dentist and just really want hygiene therapy, this is the appointment for you! Our hygienist will take a full set of x-rays and three-dimensional images (provided you’ve had none recently), then collect the necessary data to establish a baseline of oral health. They’ll then get things cleaned up for you, provided your gums are healthy. Our doctor will focus on your current state of dental health, going over any problems that present themselves during the exam and discussing with you issue-based treatment options.

Comprehensive Evaluation and Follow Up Treatment Discussion: If you desire cosmetic or proactive dental treatment, have a large number of dental concerns/needs, or just really want to know everything there is to know about your dental health, book our comprehensive evaluation. There is no hygiene therapy at this 90-minute appointment; we’ll begin with a full set of x-rays and three-dimensional images, and our doctor will then perform a complete assessment of your muscle, joints, bone, tissue, and teeth. This is all done with an eye towards solutions for achieving ideal oral health. Then, either at this visit or at a complimentary follow-up session (if your case is more complex), the doctor will take you on a tour of your mouth and present all their findings. You’ll work together to determine the level of dental treatment you desire and how that works with what you clinically need; by the end, you’ll have a thorough, proactive plan of action!

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