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Meet Dr. Isabella Terrassa

Building Lasting Connections

Through Gentle Dental Care

As a dentist, I am allowed to care for people in a very personal way. I feel fortunate to meet and interact with individuals from diverse walks of life, each with their own experiences, insights, and dreams.

Every person brings something different to my day: a joke, a piece of trivia, a story to relate. Each of these encounters enriches my day and broadens my world; I truly appreciate all that my patients teach me! The relationships that grow out of our time together is one of the most rewarding aspects of my profession. I cannot imagine a more wonderful way to be of service to others.

Transforming Smiles

My Focus As A Dentist

meet dr isabella terrassa

I want each of my patients to feel supported and cared for, to know that they are important to me, and that I always have their best interests at heart. Whether I’m working to get a person out of pain, helping them feel better about their smile, or providing education as they take control of their oral health, that person has my full attention.

Dentistry involves trust and requires open, attentive communication. I need to understand a person’s desires and concerns in order to provide them with the ideal care. At the same time, my patient needs to feel comfortable talking with me and feel confident that I am hearing what they are expressing, while being respectful of their constraints. I am particularly drawn to working with people who have dental phobias. Whether a result of a past experience or some other origin, if someone experiences anxiety at the thought of a dental visit, they may avoid care for years. This avoidance can lead to serious oral health issues, as well as impact their emotional wellbeing and overall health. When I’m able to establish a connection with such an individual, and they learn that I am patient and extremely gentle, they are able to take control of their smile’s health!

Excellence in Dentistry

Education And Professional Affiliations

  • Bachelor of Arts in Biology, Washington University in St. Louis
  • Doctorate of Dental Medicine, Tufts University School of Dental Medicine

Dentistry is a constantly changing field. Ongoing research leads to technological innovations, new materials, and changes in treatment planning and methodologies. Many of these developments mean improvements in the patient’s experience and results.

I have always enjoyed learning. Through continuing education, I not only stay current in the field but am able to provide the best care for my patients. During the year, I take advantage of numerous opportunities to learn, attend meetings, seminars, and lectures. I am a member of the Spear Study Club, participate in CEREC® continuing education, and take courses through Solea Doctors, as well. Through the American Dental Association, I am able to learn from leading dental practitioners, constantly raising my technical skills and knowledge.

Personal Life

Beyond The Office

I grew up in Cali, Columbia, and Puerto Rico; for the last eight years I have resided in Chicago and love all this incredible city offers!

If I’m not seeing patients, or devouring the latest dental journal, I can often be found working on some new artsy project, or glass blowing. I also enjoy trying out new restaurants. Most of all, I love being an aunt to three awesome kids.

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