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Dental Bridges

We at Strobel Dentistry know how important your smile is and how to protect it and preserve it for a lifetime.

For your health and appearance to be equally valued, you must rely upon an experienced team in general dentistry, dental surgery, and cosmetic dentistry when getting much-needed services, such as a dental bridge to fill in spaces where you've lost teeth.

Reinventing Smiles

What Is A Dental Bridge?

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Dental Bridges are dental devices that replace missing natural teeth with artificial teeth made of resin or porcelain.

They are often referred to as fillers, false teeth, or partial dentures. They are attached to crowns that anchor them to natural teeth. A crown may cover two or more teeth to secure the dental bridge and hold it in place properly.

Bridging the Gap

Choosing A Dental Bridge

It is recommended that fixed bridges be replaced every ten years, although, with proper aftercare, some dental bridges may last longer.

Despite the fact that fixed dental bridges can be replaced quite frequently, for some people, they can still be an effective solution. Dental crowns could help to protect and preserve those abutment teeth if they are already decayed and have lost some of their original structure.

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Restore and Strengthen

More Than A Dental Band-Aid

You may need a dental bridge to maintain your oral health or you may wish to consider it as an elective procedure. At our practice in Chicago dental bridges do more than restore your smile; they also strengthen your mouth function.


Dental Bridges Benefits

With Dental Bridges Chicago patients can expect the following benefits:

  • Improves the quality of your speech
  • Gives you the ability to chew properly
  • Helps you maintain a healthy facial shape
  • Evens out your bite
  • Assists in keeping the remaining teeth in place
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Implanting A Dental Bridge: How Long Does It Take?

Dental implants may take one to two hours each to place. This will be necessary if your dental bridge is to be supported by dental implants. A traditional dental bridge may take one to two hours to place as well, depending on factors unique to your smile. The best way to determine how long it may take to have your bridge placed is through a one-on-one consultation at our comfortable Chicago office.


Is There A Period Of Adjustment Before A Dental Bridge Feels Normal?

Your dental bridge may require one to two weeks of adjustment before you're fully comfortable with it. After this period, you'll hardly notice it.


Dental Bridges: How Should They Be Cared For?

Dental bridges are cared for in the same manner as your natural teeth with a few fairly important exceptions. Avoid: Use of abrasive toothpaste (baking soda, charcoal, etc.) Biting hard candy or ice Using pens to chew non-food items

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