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Mandibular Advancement Device
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Put Sleep Apnea To Rest

Mandibular Advancement Device in Chicago

At Strobel Dentistry in Chicago Mandibular Advancement Devices are your solution for effective sleep improvement. Led by Dr. Isabella Terrassa, our dedicated team is committed to improving the quality of life for our patients through exceptional care. Put sleep apnea and snoring to rest with our individualized treatment options.

A Sound Sleep

What Are Mandibular Advancement Devices (MADs)?

Mandibular advancement devices (MADs) are specially designed oral appliances that effectively address sleep-related breathing disorders like sleep apnea and snoring.

By gently moving the lower jaw forward, mandibular advancement devices help maintain an open airway during sleep, facilitating better breathing and reducing body strain. This leads to improved sleep quality and significant relief from the symptoms associated with sleep apnea and snoring. Experience the benefits of MADs and enjoy restful nights and better overall well-being.

Keep Your Airways Open

What are the benefits of Mandibular Advancement Devices?

Improved Sleep Quality: Mandibular advancement devices can help individuals with sleep apnea, and snoring enjoy better sleep. By keeping the airway open, these devices reduce interruptions in breathing, leading to improved sleep patterns and increased energy levels during the day.

Reduced Snoring: Snoring can be disruptive to both the snorer and their bed partner. Mandibular advancement devices have been proven to effectively reduce or eliminate snoring, allowing for quieter and more restful nights for everyone involved.

Non-Invasive and Convenient: Unlike other sleep apnea treatments, with mandibular advancement devices Chicago patients experience a non-invasive, custom-fit solution for easy and comfortable use during sleep.

Portable and Travel-Friendly: Mandibular advancement devices are compact and portable, making them ideal for individuals who frequently travel. You can easily bring your device along, ensuring uninterrupted treatment even when you're away from home.

Quieter, More Restful Nights

Consultation for Mandibular Advancement Devices

At Strobel Dentistry, we understand that every patient is unique. During your consultation, Dr. Terrassa will carefully evaluate your specific condition and discuss your symptoms and concerns. They will explain how mandibular advancement devices work and determine if they are the right treatment option for you. They will answer any questions and develop a personalized treatment plan to address your needs.

Unique To You

Your Mandibular Advancement Procedure

Once it is determined that a mandibular advancement device is an appropriate treatment for you, Dr. Terrassa will take detailed impressions of your teeth and jaw.

These impressions will be used to create a custom-made device that fits perfectly in your mouth. Dr. Terrassal will provide you with instructions on how to use and care for your Mandibular Advancement Devices properly for maximum comfort and effectiveness.

Mandibular Advancement Device in Chicago, IL  Chicago

Wake Up Energized

Mandibular Advancement Device Results

After using the mandibular advancement device consistently as instructed, you can expect significant improvements in your sleep quality and a reduction in snoring. Many patients experience relief from daytime fatigue, morning headaches, and other symptoms associated with sleep apnea and snoring. The effectiveness of the device will be monitored during follow-up appointments, and any necessary adjustments will be made to ensure long-term success.

Immediate Relief

Mandibular Advancement Recovery and Aftercare

One of the advantages of mandibular advancement devices is that there is no recovery period or downtime. You can start experiencing the benefits immediately after you begin using the device. It is important to maintain good oral hygiene and clean your device regularly, as instructed by our team. Additionally, regular dental check-ups will help monitor your oral health and the effectiveness of the device.

Mandibular Advancement Devices Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, mandibular advancement devices are designed to be comfortable and custom-fitted to your mouth. Dr. Terrassa will ensure that the device fits properly and will make any necessary adjustments for optimal comfort.

While mandibular advancement devices are highly effective for many individuals with sleep apnea and snoring, they may not be suitable for everyone. People with severe TMD or limited range of motion in their jaw might not be ideal candidates. After your sleep study, Dr. Terrassa will review the results and your specific condition during the consultation to determine if a mandibular advancement device is the right treatment option for you.

The results of using a mandibular advancement device can vary from person to person. However, many patients experience improvements in sleep quality and a reduction in snoring soon after starting to use the device. Consistent and proper use of the device is essential for optimal results.

In most cases, individuals with dental crowns or bridges can still use a mandibular advancement device. Dr. Terrassa will perform a thorough dental examination, and based on her findings, she will design an appliance incorporating any necessary modifications to ensure the device works effectively and comfortably.

You need to have a home sleep test done within a year. Strobel Dentistry offers Take-home Sleep tests. Call our team at (312) 726-3135 to help schedule an appointment.

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