Introducing a New Type of Night guard!

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We are HUGE fans of night guards, as you can imagine. They prevent wear, protect against grinding and clenching, and can help keep your teeth in place much like a traditional retainer. Traditional hard night guards, while an absolute must for some, can be bulky and uncomfortable for some people. So what’s a patient to do?

In our never ending technological march forward, we recently acquired a new machine that may offer our patients another option! This equipment allows us to create a hard night guard that is easily 3x thinner than traditional guards while being 3x more durable than your average retainer. While it won’t last quite as long as traditional night guards, it is much easier to speak with and sleep in, and can be a perfect option for moderate grinding!

It’s not indicated in all cases, but this night guard may be a good option if:

  • You aren’t comfortable in traditional guards
  • You’re mainly having problems with grinding your teeth
  • You want something more comprehensive than an OTC guard 
  • Clenching and significant jaw muscle pain aren’t issues for you

Curious if this guard could help you? Get in touch today!