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Root Canal Therapy: Debunking the Myths and Fears

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Patients who undergo root canal treatments often show signs of distress. Common symptoms include overwhelming pain that can be intense for hours after your procedure, nausea or vomiting, and a general feeling of well-being that quickly disappears once root canal treatment is over. Most patients will report little or no pain during root canal treatment.

What is Root Canal Therapy?

Root canal therapy is a dental procedure in which an endodontist, who specializes in the diagnosis or treatment of teeth with root canals, deposits a filling at the apex of the root canal. The therapy helps to restore vitality to the affected tissue. The canal walls of the tooth are reshaped to accommodate it, and fillings are placed along the length of the canal walls to seal it off.

Debunking The Common MYTHS

Myth #1 - Root Canal Treatment is Painful.

Root canal treatment is a safe dental procedure. Most people have no pain after a root canal treatment. The most common treatment for tooth decay is a root canal treatment. If a root canal procedure seems excruciatingly painful, it could be because you have been given too much anesthetic or the wrong one for your condition.

Myth #2 - Root Canal Treatment Demands Many Visits.

The root canal treatment may require a few visits. Root canal treatment is a minimally invasive surgical procedure that allows the root of a tooth to be removed, restored, filled, or root-filled with a special material. However, if you follow the doctor's instructions and take good care of your teeth, you will be happy to see the results.

Myth #3 - Root Canal Leads to ILLness.

Root canal therapy is performed to remove infection and restore the healthy function of teeth infected with a high level of bacteria and other harmful germs. It does not cause any health issues or future illnesses.

Myth #4 - Tooth Extraction Is a Better Option than Root Canal

No, tooth extraction is not a better option to root canal treatment. A root canal involves drilling into the tooth or surrounding jawbone to remove complete decay and repair damage due to decay. A tooth extraction is the removal of one side of the tooth, which is very painful.

Root Canal Treatment: FAQs

Does the root canal weaken my tooth?

No, the root canal does not weaken your tooth. It is created to prepare the root of a tooth that has been damaged. The best way to protect your teeth from infection after the procedure is to clean them at least twice daily with floss and a brush.

How long does recovery take?

The length of time it takes for you to be able to resume normal activities after root canal therapy varies from patient to patient. When you receive your root canal treatment, there is usually a set period of time before the tooth is treated and back to normal. It can take a few weeks after root canal treatment, and the more recent a tooth is, the longer it will take to occur.

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There are many benefits to having a root canal, such as restoring the health of the tooth, preventing further decay, and eliminating the need for more extensive dental work. We Strobel Dentistry in Chicago, IL, is dedicated to providing high-quality, personalized care and will do our best to ensure your experience is as comfortable and stress-free as possible. Thank you for considering us for your root canal therapy needs in Chicago, IL.

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