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Our Favorite Toy – the Votes Are In!

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Tooth Enamel: All the Things You Want and Need to Know The Newest Addition to the Strobel Family!

The technological enhancements we regularly make to our clinical equipment aren't just fun to play around with, however; they have proved to be indispensable tools in diagnosing and treating our patients’ dental conditions. We were curious as to the favorite among the staff, and our quick poll showed a clear winner – our Air Techniques Intraoral Camera.

What does it do? Pretty much exactly what you’d expect – it is a camera small enough to fit comfortably inside your mouth, allowing us to take close up pictures of your teeth in fantastic detail. The LED-lit, fixed focus camera connects directly to our computer and practice management software via USB cable, making capturing an image as easy as a few clicks of a button. During your regular dental visits with us, don’t be surprised if our hygienist stops to snap a couple of pictures during her examination!

Why do we love it? We cannot stress enough our appreciation for the trust you put in us as providers. You come to us for guidance and treatment to optimize your dental health, and we do our absolute best to give you top-notch care. When we find a problem, our first priority is making sure we communicate to you what’s wrong and what your options are in the clearest way possible. Conversations are great for this, but “a picture’s worth a thousand words” didn’t become popular just because it’s catchy.

The intraoral camera allows us to show you what we see. Be it a new cavity, obvious cracks in the teeth, an old silver filling that needs to be replaced or an extreme build-up of plaque in between cleanings – the more you can see what’s wrong, the easier it becomes to understand what needs fixing.

We also gain an important documentation tool when we use this camera. Is there a filling that’s starting to break down but doesn’t yet need attention? We’ll snap a picture so we can compare at your next visit. Is insurance giving us a hard time because the decay is hard to see on a traditional x-ray? These pictures offer an alternative view guaranteed to support us in maximizing your insurance benefits.

Technology is a miraculous thing, and we’re improving upon what we do with new tools all the time. We just wanted to share our little love note to our current favorite – who knows what future advancements hold in store!

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