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Get Your Smile Back in One Day: Same Day Crowns in Downtown Chicago

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Same-day crowns in Downtown Chicago are an excellent solution for many cosmetic dental problems. These adaptable restorations are constructed specifically for your teeth, improve their appearance, and restore their form, size, and symmetry. Crowns can also be used to restore a dental implant, hold bridges in place, or replace lost teeth. We provide same-day crowns at Strobel Dentistry. You save time and money by avoiding the need for temporary crowns and a second appointment because the crowns are made and fitted on the same day. It implies that you are not required to put your life on hold while having your smile fixed. Also, it eliminates the need for an interim crown that must be taken out later.

What Purposes Do Crowns Serve?

Most frequently, Same-day crowns in Downtown Chicago are applied to fix broken teeth or swap out an old restoration. Crowns can also fix aesthetic problems with the teeth, including discoloration, chipping, or cracks. Crowns may additionally be used for:

  • If a tooth is deeply discolored or stained, cover it.
  • Fix and secure a dental bridge.
  • Repair a tooth that has been severely decaying or damaged.
  • A dental implant's cover and completion
  • Enhance the appearance and performance of a tooth with an unusual shape.
  • If there is little natural tooth structure left.
  • Reinforce a tooth that has been broken or is otherwise weak.

The Advantages Of Same-Day Crowns

What can you expect from this reparative service? The promptness, look, and strength of same-day crowns. You should be aware of the following benefits:


At Strobel Dentistry, you won't need to wait weeks for your next crown; instead, you may walk in, get your new crown, and leave the same day. Our staff strives for customer satisfaction and uses the latest manufacturing program to take digital pictures of your tooth and jaw, design the crown, and make the crown for placement.

Improved Appears

Same-day crowns appear significantly nicer than conventional crowns because they are more precisely crafted. They match the color of your teeth naturally and do not leave black lines along your gum lines. Once more, you can smile with assurance.

Give You A Perfect Fit

The precision CEREC machine that creates and carves out crowns ensures that your crown fits correctly. The appropriate crown is made for you by taking into account your biting pattern and other teeth's color. If it doesn't fit perfectly the first time, our cutting-edge technology makes it simple to adjust for a comfortable fit right then and there.


Strength Research demonstrates that a same-day crown can effectively restore your tooth. These crowns are strong and resistant to abrasion, increasing the likelihood that they will persist for extended periods of time. It implies you won't need to visit the dentist for a crown repair too frequently.

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Dr. Daniel Strobel and his staff at Strobel Dentistry in Downtown Chicago will provide all the information you require to make an educated choice regarding the kind of restoration that is best for you. You may have a gorgeous, natural-looking smile in only one day with Same-day crowns in Downtown Chicago. To learn more about the advantages of same-day crowns, get in touch with us right away. We're excited to work with you to get the stunning smile you deserve!

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