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A great new application to promote good oral hygiene in children

Seriously, these things tackle every topic. It’s been proven time and again. The latest from United Concordia – available on Android and iPhone – is called “Chomper Chums,” a playful app designed to encourage proper brushing and flossing habits in youngsters.

United Concordia Dental listened to the advice of its members on how to teach kids about brushing to create an interactive, educational experience. The result is three animal characters – a lion, a horse and an alligator – that lead children through the steps of a successful oral healthcare home routine.

The mouths of their chosen animal are animated with “sugar bugs,” which children follow into every quadrant as they brush and floss, ensuring that no area has been missed. A timer is included to help kids know when they’ve hit their two minute brushing goal – the golden rule for getting rid of all that bacteria! There is even animation that mimics the swooshing as children rinse at the end.

Correct brushing and flossing earns the children coins, which can be used to purchase food for their animal. By relating healthy food purchases to the health of their animal buddies, this app has an added bonus of encouraging better diet choices for the kids themselves.

Does your little one need help brushing, or are you just interested in making the time more fun? Check this out: